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Full Version: Your dream 3 car garage!
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Okay guys, I know we've had these threads many times, but it's always a bit of fun.

So, name your dream 3 car, 1 bike garage! Include pics and specs for your choices. You must stick to these numbers! No cheating!

1982 DeLorean DMC-12
  • RHD
  • Black interior (with clocks that go higher than 95mph...)
  • Type 918 Lotus twin turbo V8 with uprated 5 speed manual to accept the full 500bhp the engine can produce
  • Lotus suspension and running gear
  • Removal of marker lights
  • Black side stripe
  • US Spec tail lights with full size UK plate (can be done by removing the US plate holder. also euro spec tails were from a bus)

1971 Ford Cortina GXL
  • Daytona Yellow
  • Cosworth YB N/A with Hayabusa TBs
  • Sierra cosworth running gear and suspension
  • Slot mags <3
  • Black vinyl roof
  • Black interior with "wood" trim
  • Decent sound system with nothing visible except black mesh speaker covers.
  • Subtle Cosworth badge on rear panel
  • Wing mounted mirrors

1969 Dodge Charger R/T
  • 426 Hemi
  • Tightened up steering and suspension (so it can actually turn)
  • '75 Corvette Flame red
  • American Racing vector rims
  • Pushbar
  • Tan interior
  • Okay it's a general lee replica...
  • But with all the sexy chrome trim
  • Working CB (not that i'd ever use it)

2006 Yamaha YZF-R1 LE
  • Yoshimura carbon cans
  • gold anodised rearsets and levers
  • Marchesini forged magnesium rims
  • Titanium nuts throughout
  • Renthal chain/sprockets
  • Tidy rear end
  • Smaller indicators

>mfw it's basically my dads bike

So, lets get some discussion going! toothygrin.gif

1990 Nissan Silvia S13 | 550Bhp | 1235Kg | Intercooled VR38DETT

Engine Mods
VR38DETT Engine Swap:
-VR38DETT (530Bhp): $20,000
-ECU&Harnesses, $1200
-Engine mount kit $2200 (includes driveshaft, mounts, etc, everything but harness and ecu, tranny, and engine)
ECU and Electronic Mods

Forced Induction Mods

Cooling, Intake and Exhaust Mods
HKS Intercooler for VR38 Motor: $4,500. +20hp.
HKS R-Type intercooler kits are large front mount units that offer the ultimate in cooling capacity. R-Type intercoolers have been engineered to maintain efficiency on applications rated up to 800HP. Measuring 600mm X 302mm in frontal surface area, R-Type front mount intercooler kits maximize cooling efficiency. The 97mm thickness of the core allows for unrestricted internal airflow of pressurized air without affecting external airflow to the radiator. R-Type kits can be used with a stock turbocharger, and are recommended for highly modified turbocharger applications.
Drivetrain, Brakes and Suspension Mods
Tien High Performance Suspention Kit: $1,500
Brembo Brake Kit: $1,500
Chassis and Reinforcing Mods
Front End Tube Chassi: $4,500
Exterior and Rim Changes
Exhaust rerounted out the front light slot
Replacement light from a not so popular car from a very unknown Manufacturer
Front Right CF Fender (Painted): $600 -1kg
Front Left CF Fender (Blue): $600 -1kg
Interior Mods

Custom Built CF Engine bay: $6,500 -30kg
200Kg Ballast mounted in the trunk: $200
30 Gallon Fuel Tank: $350
Weight Reduction Kit (All but 2 seats, radio, and speakers removed): $free - 15kg. removed all sound deadening, carpet, headlining, and interior panels.


Datsun 720 | 716Bhp |701Kg | RB26DETT

Engine Mods
RB26DETT Engine Swap (R34) 320Bhp: 15,000 for FULL swap
Titanium Springs - Made from one of the hardest metals on earth, and also one of the lightest, our valves springs can withstand the harshest of conditions.
Price : 80 per spring (x24 $1,920)
Titanium Coated Valves - For smooth and complete combustion, you need good balance with everything, and when coupled with our light springs, these valves will work exactly how the camshaft wants them to.
Price : 1.200 for a set (x6 $7,200)
U2 Street Piston Rings - To keep the combustion from leaking, our piston rings are made from slightly heavier aluminium/iron alloy, but your engine wont burn oil either.
Price : 150
U2 Super Heads - Made from aluminum, these heads are lighter and more durable, after being port and polish even before they are shipped, these offer the best top end for an engine anywhere.
Price : 3,500
RB28 Stroker Kit - Takes any RB26 engine and throws in our forged parts to increase the power and flatten out the torque curve, bores engine to 2.8 Liters.
-U2 2.8Pistons
-U2 2.8 Crank
-U2 2.8 Camshaft
-U2 2.8 Conrods
Cost : 4,500
Blitz Dual Drive Blow Off Valve, Universal
The Blitz Dual Drive BOV is one of the highest quality BOV's available on the market today. Expect a loud "whoosh" of air when you let off the throttle. This BOV includes the mini-filter to prevent any blow-by oil from getting all over your engine bay. This filter is a Blitz exclusive and very nice to have!As will all Universal BOV's, you will need to purchase an aluminum or steel flange to weld onto your intercooler piping. Then you mount this Universal BOV to the flange you weld onto your aluminum or steel pipe.
Your Price £187.00
ECU & Electronics
BLITZ SBC i-Colour Boost Controller

Full Boost Control and Power Meter Functions
Full Colour (65,000 colours)
Digital and Analogue Displays
Sequential Valve Control (Spec-R only)
Automatic Correction of Boost Pressure(Initial Learning)
Fuel Consumption Function
Spec-R - $888
U2 Stand-Alone ECU - I just got this thing and with a much more friendly interface, changing engine parameters should be a snap.
Cost : 3,800
U2 Ignition & Coil System - Faster and higher voltage spark for a quick burn along with a much better spark plug design for that last bit of power. Along with an improved ignition box
Cost : 3,500
U2 Battery - Heavy Duty and can work in any situation without drainage, can last up to 450,000 Miles. More suited for racing applications.
Cost : 1,100
Forced Induction
APEXi - RX6B Turbo Kit
$1900 +150hp
Cooling, Intake, & Exhaust
BLITZ Racing Radiator LMC
A suitable upgrade for those after high power output from their engines, the BLITZ Racing Radiator provides adequate cooling for even the hottest engines whether on the track or in spirited driving moments on the street.
Price: $875
Gains: +8Hp
BLITZ Oil Cooler
During extreme conditions, especially in high-horsepower output vehicles, the oil can breakdown chemically causing inadequate lubrication resulting in damage to the engine and turbo. BLITZ® Oil Cooler kits were designed to effectively maintain oil temperatures at acceptable parameters to prevent viscosity breakdown.
Price: $900
BLITZ LM Intercooler
Each BLITZ® Intercooler Kit is individually design for each vehicle produce maximum efficiency and performance. All BLITZ® intercooler kits come complete with aluminum piping and all the necessary hardware. Intercoolers provide more power and reliability to any turbocharged vehicle. Intercoolers are heat exchangers, which are used to quickly cool down and dissipate the heat from the intake charge.
Price: $1,020
Gains: +18Hp
Transmission Cooler #ATC500
As with the engine oil cooler, Turbo Specialties offers the same high performance automatic transmission oil cooling.
Features: This unit also comes with mounting hardware, hoses and connection adapters.
BLITZ SUS Power Air Cleaner
Price: $500
Gains: +15Hp
BLITZ Sonic Power Filter System
Price: $350
Gains: +12Hp
Drivetrain, Brakes, & Suspension
The BLITZ Active Clutch was designed to hold maximum horsepower while retaining daily drivability. The Active Clutch is a complete clutch assembly that includes flywheel, pressure plate, clutch disc, and all necessary hardware. Our clutch systems weighs an average of 15%-20% lighter then stock. The unique feature of the BLITZ Active Clutch is the ability of change the clutch from a single disc clutch to a twin disc clutch. This allows the user to choose the correct clutch according to the power of the vehicle.
Price: $1,650
Gains: -10Kg
Cusco 1.5 L.S.D. Type-RS
1.5 way rear LSD
Activates under acceleration while the understeer is less than on the 2 way LSD.Recommended for drivers having difficulty with 2 way LSD understeer and one way LSD braking
BLITZ Realise TT/TT-R Exhaust System
Price: $900
Gains: +13Hp (Re-directed out front-right-inter-light-port)
StopTech Big Brake Kit
Cusco Front control arms
Cusco Pillow Ball upper mounts
- Controls unwanted forces under acceleration and braking.
- CUSCO's pillow ball joint lateral links are designed to secure traction in drifting and stability during acceleration under high speed cornering. Most effective when fitted with racing tires or bigger than production size tires.
good for:
Reducing alignment flexing and improves body rigidity.
The lateral arm improves body and rigidity by connecting at the lower arm points. Thus preventing body flex and therefore dramatically improving steering, throttle response and traction.
Cusco front pillowball tension rods
Reduces the amount of suspension flex during hard cornering.
- Increases greatly the handling response going into corners by adopting pillow ball mount on the body side. High rigidity pillow rods balls used to hold down tires under braking. Increases straight line stability by reducing toe out and friction
R2 Racing Front Camber Correction Kit
R2 Racing Rear Camber Correction Kit
BuddyClub Racing Spec Coilover Kit
Gains: +/- 3 Pixel Ride height
Price: $3,500
U2 6 Speed Sequential Transmission - Specally designed from people who want the best performance possible. Our 6 speed is fully adjustable and compact so as to fit in any car. Can handle up to 600HP
Price : 6.000
U2 6 Speed Sequential Gears - Made for our transmission, these heavier gears can handle more power at the expense of increased weight. 1200HP limit.
Price : 2,000
Chassis and Reinforcing Mods

Exterior and Rim Changes
Carbon Fiber Body:
includes fenders, quarter panels, doors, bumpers, hoods, trunks, etc.
$10,000 - 425kg
Head light Removal: free - 2kg
Grill Removal: free -3kg
Painted Trim: $230
R34 Rims: $2,000
Matte Paint: $800

Interior Mods

Nitrous Express ''N-Ter'' Cooler Chiller System - 15 Pound Bottle Included
Your Price- £423 +52HP
Nitrous Express Remote Bottle Opener
Your Price £231.00
Nitrous Express Bottle Blanket for 15 Pound Bottle
Insulated bottle blanket to help keep your nitrous at the perfect temperature!
Your Price £133.00
Nitrous Express Gen-X Kit
This kit includes a bottle heater, pressure gauge, fuel switch, and blow down fitting.
Your Price £312.00
Like Yokohama’s original PARADA Ultra High Performance tires, the first thing about PARADA Spec-2 that grabs your attention is its wild-looking, asymmetric tread design. And when you combine that with its ultra low profile sizes designed to complement the large diameter wheels used on the most impressive street tuned vehicles, you’ll find that PARADA Spec-2 tires exude performance. The biggest reason for the PARADA Spec-2’s enhanced performance is its high grip, silica-reinforced tread compound. This new tread compound is molded into an asymmetric, ultra-low void outer shoulder tread design that uses large tread blocks to provide rubber-to-road contact that reduces tread squirm thus enhancing response and dry road cornering control. Massive diagonal tread blocks reach across the tire’s footprint to further increase cornering stability and dry road traction. A solitary, ultra-wide Circumferential Groove helps water flow through the tire while long, helical grooves evacuate water from under the tire’s footprint to increase driving confidence in wet conditions. Internally, twin steel belts are reinforced by spirally-wound nylon strips to provide long-term durability under high speed conditions while reducing weight and providing a more uniform ride quality.
£145 EACH ($580)
BLiTZFuel Injectors
1000cc - $250


Honda Civic 1.4 | 489Bhp(Run 2) | 700Kg | FR | H22A


Engine Mods

$151,048 - $800 = $150,248
U2 Low compression Turbo pistons - Made from sturdier, but heavier parts than our NA pistons, these are designed for Forced induction applications and offer effecient combustion so little fuel is wasted.
+5HP with FI
Price : 250 with any engine config
U2 Forged Crankshaft - To convert all that up and down into spinning motion, you need a crankshaft, our forged crankshafts are carefully balanced for optimum rotation.
Price : 3,400
Titanium Springs - Made from one of the hardest metals on earth, and also one of the lightest, our valves springs can withstand the harshest of conditions.
Price : 80 per spring(x12 = $960)
Titanium Coated Valves - For smooth and complete combustion, you need good balance with everything, and when coupled with our light springs, these valves will work exactly how the camshaft wants them to.
Price : 1.200 for a set
U2 Forged Conrods - Basically the weakest link in the chain, these are a must for any high performance application.
Price : 300
High Profile Cams - These camshafts were designed for one thing and one thing only, Power, complete low end torque is sacrificed for high end power, so make gearing closer, and get other parts to help support the higher revving needed.
Price : 1,000
U2 Street Piston Rings - To keep the combustion from leaking, our piston rings are made from slightly heavier aluminium/iron alloy, but your engine wont burn oil either.
Price : 150
Port and Polish - With our machines, we will port and polish your heads for much better flow and better atomization of the fuel for more power out of every gallon.
Price : 1,400
ECU and Electronic Mods
U2 Ignition & Coil System - Faster and higher voltage spark for a quick burn along with a much better spark plug design for that last bit of power. Along with an improved ignition box
Cost : 3,500
U2 Battery - Heavy Duty and can work in any situation without drainage, can last up to 450,000 Miles. More suited for racing applications.
Cost : 1,100
Forced Induction Mods
Type : U2 Stage 2 Single Turbocharger Kit
Complete Kit : U2 Crankshaft, U2 Superheads, U2 Conrods, Low comp pistons, U2 Hot Head R-31 31mm Turbocharger, Piping, BOV, U2 Extreme Intercooler, U2 Stage 1 ALS SYSTEM
This U2 Stage 2 Kit is the upgrade for any crzy gearheads who want absolutely massive power needs, and adds a realiable 180 horses to the stage 1 Kit , with our brand new Hot Head Stage 2 36mm turbocharger, with our stage 1 Anti-Lag system, your car will run with big block torque and with our eXtreme2 intercooler, your engine wont overheat, the low comp pistons and conrods to help uphold the power..
Price : 16,700
Cooling, Intake and Exhaust Mods
U2 Cat-back Exhaust system - Now to help with the other side of breathing, our revolutionary Cat-Back system lowers exhaust tempatures and nearly deletes backpressure, though a little bit is needed. This system is also extremely light compared to OEM systems
U2 Cold Air system - With less curvers and more straights, the U2 cold air system delivers cold air to your engine for a more complete combustion, the polished aluminum also makes your engine bay look even better.
Price : 120
Drivetrain, Brakes and Suspension Mods
Koni Threaded Suspension Kit: $1,320 (Lowers I-4 pixels)
Driveshaft - 3,500 +15W
S2000 Rear diff - 700 +25W
S2000 Axles - 400
Brembo Gran Turismo Brake Systems
Type: Full Brake Kit (all around)
Gran Turismo Brake Systems packages combine high performance fixed aluminum brake calipers, large diameter 1- or 2-piece vented brake rotors, brake pads, stainless steel braided brake lines and aircraft quality mounting brackets and hardware.
Price: $2,660.00 -4w
Chassis and Reinforcing Mods
'ENDURO' Cage: $800 + 11 kg
Stage One - Removes carpeting radio, A/c etc, while leaving a passenger seat. Improves handling and all other aspects of the car.
Price : 1,200
Stage Two - Removes sound deadening, passenger and rear seats, and replaces all windows except rear with plexiglass.
Price : 5,500
Exterior and Rim Changes
Flares- $50/arch ($100)
Single Tone: $300
Decals: Med: $35
Falken ZE-512: $97/tire ($388)
4 Rims: $1,600
Interior Mods
Sparco S Light CF: $2,800 -12 kg

Nitrous Express ''N-Ter'' Cooler Chiller System - 15 Pound Bottle Included
For supercharged or turbo applications where nitrous is not an option, NX offers another alternative, the N-tercooler . Using either nitrous or CO2 this unit can reduce air inlet temperatures dramatically. In a recent dyno test, a turbocharged Honda, equipped with an NX N-tercooler , increased its baseline by an astounding 52 horsepower!
Your Price- £423 +52HP
Nitrous Express Remote Bottle Opener
Five years of research and development has finally produced the ultimate solution, the NX "Next Generation" Remote Bottle Opener. The NX Remote Bottle Opener is guaranteed not to effect horsepower output, or cause the surging sensation associated with current designs. It is furnished with all installation hardware and weather-pack wiring kit. Fits any brand nitrous system.
Your Price £231.00
Nitrous Express Bottle Blanket for 15 Pound Bottle
Insulated bottle blanket to help keep your nitrous at the perfect temperature!
Your Price £133.00
Nitrous Express GenX-2 Kit
This kit includes everything found in the Gen-X kit plus a purge valve.
Your Price £389.00
Nitrous Express Wet Kit - No Bottle Included
Stage One EFI single nozzle system
Utilizing the patented "Shark" nozzle, these systems are fully adjustable offering 35, 50, and 75 horsepower upgrades. These systems require no engine modifications, operate on stock fuel pumps, and require no timing retards. The ultimate solution to make your import a rocket! Any horsepower settings above the recommended levels require "NX Power Booster" fuel additive to prevent detonation.
All NX systems add additional fuel during nitrous usage by injecting it directly with the nitrous through their patented "Shark" nozzle. This method assures 100% atomization of the fuel and accurate air/fuel ratios.This system comes complete with 16 ft. aircraft style supply line, N2O filter, lifetime warranty nitrous and fuel solenoids with mounts, all standard jet settings, an NX patented Shark nozzle (nozzles), wide open throttle switch, a complete installation pack that includes all bolts, nuts, washers, wire, wire terminals, lighted arming switch, and complete instructions with pictures. To complete the installation a Gen-X package should be ordered with the system. This includes the bottle heater, liquid filled nitrous pressure gauge, low fuel pressure safety switch, and a external bottle vent fitting and plumbing kit. All NX Stage One or Street systems are designed to operate with no timing retard. Spark plugs should be changed to non-platinum style, 1 to 2 steps colder than stock.
For more answers to your questions about this product click HERE.
Your Price £469.00
Pretty boosted D-series

Baseline : 450HP @ 7,900RPM and 266 FT/LB @ 4,500RPM

Run 1 - This has tweaked settings for smooth delivery with this little thing. Also had to tame the rear end abit as it will be snappy.

305 HP @ 7,600RPM
220 FT/LB @ 4,000RPM

Run 2 - I turned the boost up closer to the max, and this for Wangan.

480 HP @ 8,100RPM
315 FT/LB @ 6,600RPM

Run 3 - This is a wangan map for true rep. This is max power at the cars current level.

535 HP @ 8,350 RPM
350 FT/LB @ 7,000RPM

Run 4 - This is for drifting, i worked hard trying to make this as drivable as possible. Transitions will be tricky though.

420 HP @ 6,700 RPM
300 FT/LB @ 6,100 RPM

Run 5 - General street race map, your rear diff isnt liking the power to much after these runs.

445 HP @ 7,800 RPm
288 LB/FT @ 5,400RPM
Dyno: 7/20/11
Baseline - Much better motor to base off of, she was bucking around like crazy on the dyno.

590HP @ 7,100RPM and 277 Ft/LB @ 4,900RPM

Run 1 - Low boost with stable torque curve for to make this easy to drift as possible.

430HP @ 6,200RPM and 235 Ft/LB @ 3,200RPM

Run 2 - Higher boost to get as close to your wanted HP.

489HP @ 6,500RPM and 255 Ft/LB @ 3,700RPM

Run 3 - Higher boost drift run.

520 HP @ 7,000RPm and 300FT/LB @ 4,200RPM

Run 4 - Max Power

645 HP @ 7,900RPM and 355 FT/LB @ 5,105RPM

Run 5 - Low boost wangan map.

455HP @ 6,100RPM and 275 Ft/LB @ 3,400RPM
BMW E30 Sedan
  • Champagne gold exterior
  • Black interior
  • Lowered a bit, daily driver
  • Subtle mods
  • Blacked-out grille trim

1970 Plymouth AAR 'Cuda
  • Plum Crazy Purple or Yellow

2012 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4
  • Matte White
  • Dark-colored Enkei NT03-M's
  • FluidMotorUnion Exhaust System, headers-back

Don't really want a bike, but if I get one:

no care if honda
holy s**t yea ok i got a general idea of what im going to have

1. 2011 nissan pathfinder (tow vehicle)

- 3 inch lift kit
- 15x10 0 offset offroader rims
- huge mudder tires
- jet black with blue sparkleflake
- sony sound system

2. 1990's mazda mx5 (drift car)

- stance usa coilovers wound right down
- 15x9 -20 offset luxury abstract rims
- 195/45r15 toyo t1r
- jet black with pink sparkleflake
- 4 point bolt-in cage
- 13b bridgeport NA with all the good stuff, 500+ hp at the rear wheels

3. 2010 holden commodore ve ssv wagon (daily/family car)

- walkinshaw built engine, 600+ hp atrw
- leather interior
- 6 speed manual
- sony sound system
- 19x9 dtm deizels
- jet black with red pearl

4. some sorta quadbike
- 500cc 4 stroke
- off road suspension
- black
- huge exhausts that are really loud, so loud, that it will hurt children.

oh yes

i love black
Dat commodore <3
Hood cruiser:

Commodities exporter / Hoe transportation:

Livin in Luxury:

screw bikes:

CHEAT! I SAY CHEAT! But dat 507 makes my insides melt... wub.gif

God dammit DJ san, You mad bro.
I have my dream car already lmao

but any ways

1) 1984 Volkswagen GLi Coupe

~ Mars red (LA3A)
~ 2.0L A3 Bubble Block
~ G Grind cam shaft
~ Callaway Turbo
~ 15X8 RML Snowflakes
~ Early westy front clip
~ Momo steering wheel
~ Scirocco seats
~ H&R springs with Bilstein shocks
~ New speed strut bar front and rear
~ B3 Passat control arms and spindles
~ Audi 80 Brakes
~Speed shifter
~Thule roof rack
~Euro bumpers
... (I can go on but ill just post pics)

Front clip i want as well as rims

Pixel car

theres too many dream cars, but, one of my dream bikes would definatly be either an early indian, or harley:

1. 1964 Lincoln Continental Convertible 4 door

  • Bagged
  • Big V8
  • The wheels in the picture or ones similar to torque thrusts
  • Daily Driver

2. 1975 Skyline Sedan

  • Just like this

3. 2012 Ferrari 599 GTO

Bike: Buell Firebolt Custom
1. Mazda RX-7 2nd Gen (FC3S) N/A Bridgeport

2. Mazda RX-7 3rd Gen (FD3S) Turbo Bridgeport

3. Toyota Chaser or Mark II, built as f**k 1jz w/ 2jz block. But if we were to get technical and say I can't have that here, then a Mercedes S550 or a Lexus GS300 w/ 2jz pushing like 600 hp or a lifted diesel tow rig.

I would explain exactly how I want the cars but it'd be forever tl;dr
Car #1

(Yeah, my current car)
1993 Honda Civic DX Sedan
Will be b18b1 Swapped. Eventually will find a GSR Head for a LS-Vtec Frankenstein engine. But I'll likely get Vtec killer cams. "lol what's the point of going for the Vtec head then"...Better ports, better flow, better head, better potential even without the vtec yo. Probably going to keep it all motor, but I'll never say never to boost, because who knows, maybe I'll change my mind about it. But my goal is to hit the 300 whp mark with all motor b-series. It can be done and it will be awesome. Also going to fully cage it and full suspension overhaul and enkei rpf1's for the track. J Speeds, BBS LM, or Mugen RNR for daily use. Ultimate goal is to have it be loosely street legal, but fully track ready.

Car #2

First generation NSX. White, black top, black spoiler. Swap in second generation C32B with 6 speed trans. BBS LM rims. Lowered, but not hellaflush. Pretty much like this one, but first gen front.

Car #3

2011 Subaru STI Sedan Silver
100% Stock except for rims. idk what kind yet. Maybe lowered a bit depending on where I live, but this would be my daily for the most part.

Bike...I basically promised myself that I would never own a bike because if I were to ride a bike anywhere near how I drive a car, I would likely end up dead. But I like something like this the most. A sporster bobber
1. 2012 Volkswagen Golf R Mk6

- "Rising Metallic Blue"
- Charcoal wheels

2. 2010 Porsche 911 GT3 RS 997

3. 1984 Porsche 930 Turbo

bikes are dumb
car 1: my astra.

engine: Z20LET, with a LEH turbo. so a 2.0 Engine of the Astra kind i own, with newer model turbo. also the rest of the bits and pieces needed.
bit bigger intercooler, fitting in the Lumma LPC-2 bumpers.
leather interior. painted interior bits, and also full electric windows all around. wink.gif (not only front, also the 2 reardoors.)

so basicly an OPC 2 5-doors Hatchback, UNIQUE.

this is an all around car, but mostly for show use.


(blue hoses of course)

not exactly like that, but you get the idea?

as a drift/track car: Opel Kadett C Coupe.

offcourse not with a 1.2 engine, prolly the 2.0 liter engine of the Astra G OPC 1. (N/A engine).
rollcage all around, 1 seat, basicly the kind of things that you would find in a drifter or trackcar.

pic for exsample:

like this, only more race look inside.

car 3:
the newest Opel Astra, the J (or whatever kind there would be).

maybe only lowered with nice wheels.... toung.gif stays a daily driver.

bike: think just a simple bike, like a Yamaha R1....

but think i will stick to cars, even though.
Lightly modded Lexus IS-F


RPS13 or an S14 Kouki 240SX tuned in a fairly unique style (not your typical drift beater)


Something I would daily drive, lightly modded, good on gas. I don't really care to much about this one.


something bobber inspired built on a bike I feel comfortable on.

'12 Toyota Land Cruiser V8, daily driver/cruiser.
-Black or white, can't choose
-Tan leather interior

'05 BMW M3 E46, for the weekends.
-SMG Transmission
-CSL wing

Toyota GT-86, le drifter
-Bronze TE37
-Lowered ofcourse

No cool pic of it yet sad.gif

For the bike, a Yamaha YZF-R1, just like Chris' Dad's.
I actually plan to have at least my civic and the nsx. My daily might not be an sti, but I will have a daily.
im poor so i will just get an e36 316i sad.gif
probly wont bother with a daily as to transit here in Toronto good i would only use the Jetta as a Summer car once i can figure out where i can get parts... also Fnf the rear bumper on that Astra looks good kinda works
I would never own an IS-F. Its just not worth the asking price IMO even though I love it.
s13 s14 s15

vertex kit or die
Corolla AE92 (already owned)
engine- 1Jz
drivetrain- 3gste 4wd Mr2 driveline
tranny- 4 on the floor
interior- decked in bride black/grey gradient cloth
exhaust- straight pipe to side exhaust
body- front spoiler, N2 style over fenders (<3), duck spoiler
rims- 16-7.5 SSR Meshies

and Yellow body with orginal matty black bumper color

2. Corolla AE86 Sprinter Hatch
I'm still deciding on mods...
but largely stock extrior, nice rims, and red and black panda scheme

3. 1967 Ford Mustang
Dark Green
engine prefrence changes a lot
Diamond racing wheels with Hoosier tires
side exhaust
and everything else is everchanging lol


really easy

UK Honda NSR250
with the Red Rims and body color scheme... :F
QUOTE (Hellrazr @ Feb 17 2012, 05:54 PM) *
also Fnf the rear bumper on that Astra looks good kinda works

i always said it, that is the bumper i own already.

and people declared me for crazy, and said it looked awefull..... toung.gif haha. xd.gif IN THEIR FACE!
QUOTE (The Dude @ Feb 15 2012, 11:00 PM) *
God dammit DJ san, You mad bro.

What I do?
1 A blue 64 impala droptop with gold daytons and hydraulics.

I gotta go cause I got me a drop top. And if I hit the switch, I can make the ass drop.

2 This beast of a car. A Zonda R!

3. I got no idea. All i want are the 2 on top. No i got it! I want aa r390 gt1 road car!

For bikes probably an old chopper.

S13 hatch with a RB26 swap, turbo and rotiform NUE rims, slammed and rocket bunny kit.

2. cummins powered 09 Chevy 3500HD bodied Ford F350 chassis truck(yes a combo of all 3) with a fully built 1000 ft lbs of torque

3. 69 camaro yenko with a paxton supercharger and matte black wheels(not sure what ones yet) car in daytona yellow, full 12 point roll cage and a chute, set of 10.5 slicks for the back for when im draggin it and not driftin it, splitter like on the road course cars. and finally a hot chick in the passenger seat wink.gif

bike. 2012 Hoffman Ontic EL....cuz i already have one and its amazing
Being a diesel fan, I gotta ask, why the f**k.. for number 2.

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