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Full Version: Can you tell me what this is?
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the stigster
at the autosports show i went to with college there was this rx7 drift car...

yes thats me.... lol

anyway. in the engine bay theres a monster can with a pipe going into it.
is it an oil catch tank/can?

im not sure. if it is my pipe that catches the oil and puts it into the air filters broken. so im going to get some pipe and do this, as its illegal for a manufacture to vent it into the atomsphere buts its not illegal for you to modify it to do so? (confusing)

if its not an oil catch tank then what is it?

thanks (hope that makes sense)
its an intake, see that hole in the light, its just taking air into the engine.......
i think its called a ram intake or something lol
the stigster
no its not and intake, the intakes the massive pipe going to the middle. and yea its called ram air.

im on about the monster can in the red circle and the pipe thats next to the red line.

looks like its a catch tank for oil. unless its the big silver box above it cause that goes into a different bottle
dont know buddy
Wellsa... sleep.gif

Its something called A "puke can" (radiator overflow reservoir)From wiki hot rod.

the stigster
think my best bet is to ask my motorsport teacher tomorrow
Bwahahah motosport teacher !Must be some true legend eh EpicFace.gif
its an oil or whatever catch can, the D1NZ V skyline had V cans as them before it crashed.

uiui it doesnt even connect to the radiator and wow wellsa
They can be used for a few things mentioned prior, but most are used how cooper described.

And what douche put an ls in an rx7 sad.gif
I need your Belt buckle so jelly shifty.gif
oil catch can or carbon canister
the stigster
Think what I'll do is put a pipe into a can so that my oil doesn't drip onto my cam cover...

Thanks for all the replys smile2.gif

Thanks hellrazr toung.gif
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