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Pretty much quoted this from ClubLupo happy2.gif

First up, this is Joey, Mk1 Arosa Sport (as we all know how huge the love is for mk1's over here ^_^)

£900 bargain, runs well, just a few little niggles here and there, busted fog light, airbag light etc... but £900 for a piece of motoring rarity is fantastic!

Drove him 2 hours from Crewe to Coventry via Birmingham, so he's gotten a bit mucky on the way!

I'm still yet to get used to how small, yet quick he is!

With great thanks to this little power house

As well as a few choice mods ^_^

This is Labyrinth the Lizard, his friends call him Larry, he'll be keeping an eye on Joey, make sure he's safe

Yeah this is a bought not built car, but i'm looking at it as more of a good starting point, for some nice touching up

Some photoshops for you to mull over while i get to work!

Ooh, before I forget:

Merry Christmas everyone smile2.gif

Inb4 needs moar low, he's down 40mm, and already scrapes on the speed bumps outside my estate

Ciao ^_^
I enjoy this car. Throw bombs on it.
speed bumps? pfft. needs offset and moar low
ye, still could go alot lower but looks alright atm, id say egt rid of the ricey tail's and get a bumper with the exhaust on exiting on the left or right, it looks weird in the middle lol

cool car btw
why naming it joey
The other guy named it Joey I think.. this car is pretty cool. I don't know what is/isn't ricer in Europe but I kinda like those tails. :s
M.I.V. Design.
come get my ATSes toothygrin.gif
very cool lower it
@Rio: uhh... moar offset, yeah. i'd like this fitment of this. usable ride height that really sits nice

@Mitch: i intend to lose those lights, they're from the later model of the arosa, i'd rather some cambridge lights, genuine or otherwise. Also, the centre exit pipe is specifically made for the sport, and it'd be a pain in the balls to switch back to an offset pipe.

@Andrew: a number of reasons really. the long and short is that while we were defining a name, joey kept popping up between other names, it just had to happen

@Brandon: Nope, I named him toothygrin.gif also, in britain at least, we'd consider stuff more 'chavvy' than ricey. stuff like this and this

@Ivan: i would love to, but even if i could, there is no way i could afford something like them!

@Josh: balls to you!
Joey is gay. (naming the car i mean....)
the car itself is nice. wink.gif
Lmao I see.. what is a chav anyways?
I found it Arosaing wink.gif
Look what santa brought me for christmas ^_^

Just trying to think of where to start! I was considering doing the front badge, but then i figured i could get the front section away, bomb the back part and leave the seat badge itself black. So i'll have a shot at that on a dry day
wooo ye

sticker bomb you rims
do not lower it , like more how its now
Those don't seem to be made specifically for cars, they may start to decay after awhile. I'm having that problem with a couple of stickers on my back window. Its worth a shot but don't get too attached because they may fall apart.
i'll grab some clear laquer from work and give them a few blasts with that to make it a tad more permanent smile2.gif
where did your santa got that book? toung.gif

caus i'm looking for stickerbombing stuff too. toothygrin.gif
i believe he had it ordered in from, not sure if you can get that over there?
Make a boso pipe just for f**ks toothygrin.gif

Stinger Pipe wink.gif
Are you really? That'd be sick toothygrin.gif
Looks like everything is starting to come together now smile2.gif I've worked out where the annoying exhaust rattle is coming from, I know exactly what I need to sort out this foglight, and I think i've worked out how the boot popper needs to be re-wired up.

Also, had a guy in an FTO try and be the big man at the lights. Sat next to him all the way up to 65 before I had to back off for traffic ahead, pulled in behind him and planted the throttle to catch up again. I'd have destroyed him if the missus wasn't saying she was so scared xd.gif

lol FTO's are pretty mint, people underestimate ther power abilitys

Quick shop, Antera copies on ebay for £100. Do I?
ew, no. lol
Lol, I don't car what you say. I'm looking for tyres, these have nearly new kumho's on them, and he's in my area. I'm gonna grab them ^_^
Then why did you ask? lol
because i only just found out they were kumho's xd.gif
lool get them, will be different but cool

Everyone like this page and then like the photo of my car! I want free coilovers!

u goin to win easily

moar low please

hey i got a great idea, get a sticker that says "Hi ground." and stick it to your sideskirt
I could of enterd my ride but i alread got a set up to f**K with lmao good luck
I just got one too but I always appreciate free stuff. lol. I only have one vote and its my own though so I'm not expecting much out of this toung.gif I'll leave this one for curtis to win wink.gif
i would win it, if it wasn't for that Minh guy in the lexus...
the stigster
my mate at college has the mk2 arosa and hes got a boso straight pipe thing going on... lucky for you i have a video of it wink.gif
only short but you get the idea....
MK2 Arosa straight pipe
MK2 Arosa straight pipe 2

idk if there legal (im making one for my 106 on tuesday really cant wait)
he tells me he hasnt been pulled over once and hes had it for about 3 months now i think. theres also a civic that has a straight pipe at my college and his is alot louder and hes never been pulled. so i would really worry about that.

it does sound really good and if you want to get noticed driving through town then dont second think it.

looks like a nice neat car smile2.gif and for £900 not bad either
Picking up my new alloys tomorrow ^_^ now, where a lot of people don't know what i'm getting, i'm giving you guys an exclusive look into my plans. Now, this is just a photoshop with some similar alloys, and its on a lupo, but its the same colour and the stance is very similar.

So here we are, my potential alloys

If all goes to plan, they will have a nice surprise to them, but that will have to wait wink.gif
the stigster
you say there similar... so its not those??? and they look ugly on that car sad.gif
i recon that looks wicked get em!!! and that straight pipe sounds like absalute s**t!
picked them up last night, they're kerbed to buggery, so i don't know whether to attempt to buff them up before paint, or just spray them and rock it during winter
why your front plates are white but the rear ones are yellow?

this gonna look sweeeet
Thats how British numberplates are.. Car looks sweet though, love the engine and the 6N dash in these wink.gif

YAY Updates!

Lets get rid of those nasty ass rear lights!

Shame the wires have to be re-ordered to make the new ones work

After a bit of work (and some soldering of a broken clip >.<) they're finally fitted!

Also, whats this!

New wheels? OOH i'm full of surprises!
Helmasaur King
Very cool, so what are you going to do with all of that charity money ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

speed run for charity
y u spam?

nice pixel seats.

The old tails actually werent that bad. I wouldn't have minded them.
that means you are wrong wink.gif

Plus one of them was full of condensation. Steamed right up at the mere sight of cold
i hate dem old tails...
I'm just a black housing kind of guy. You know the ones I have no and these are the ones I wanted to get when I had the civic.
mount your rims and see how they fit plebus
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