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Full Version: hood bra
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the stigster
hey, im looking into getting a hood bra for my little 106 as part of protection for it, (not for modding looks wink.gif) ive found a couple but im still not sure what to go for, theres a whole website for them and quite a few cheaper ones on ebay.

anyone have one on any car and is it worth it in the long run.

any thoughts will be very help full
M.I.V. Design.
its good if you go on a trip (like when we go to wsee we use it) but you need to make sure when you put the bra on the car needs to be CLEAN!
when you take the bra off spray some water or quickdetailer over it and whipe it off, sand gets under the bra while driving and can make scratches!
the stigster
sounds good, just need to find one to buy now. was thinknig about tinting my rear lights, but not sure about the laws in the uk about it and whether it would be legal or not
M.I.V. Design.
i thiught that tinting rear lights is not legal in UK, cant you get a set tinted lights by hella?
It's legal as long as everything lights up alright. As long as the tint isn't so thick the lights are dimmed you'll be okay
the stigster
i found this and it says its "Compliant with UK MOT testing regulations." so it must mean there legal if it complies? right?

i could get it to match my car aswell if i did that
Yep, if you want to be a naughty boy you can tint your lights as much as you want, and when it comes to MOT time just replace them for a standard set, just to get it past the MOT, then put the tinted ones back on. But if you do this you run the risk of being pulled by a copper if he/she doesn't like your lights. Anyway get a build thread up
the stigster
i cant really do it if its illegal because im not the main driver on the insurance so if i get pulled and its modded but im only a named driver i could be in deeper s**t

just had a quick read in the FAQ on the flyeyeskit and it says there completly legal for road use and can be applied and removed easily
i've done some dealings with the flyeyes guys, they're a good bunch, and the kits work well, but personally i'd only use them if you get the black tint, all the other colours look really bad on standard lights, you must remember though that its basically the expensive version of putting tights over the lenses. For my lights, i got a spray tint, perfectly legal, if applied properly, it wont affect the light output wink.gif
I have 35% tint on my tails. most people wouldn't notice unless you compare it to stock, but it looks really nice:

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