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Full Version: 72' International Travelall
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so hears the story. My dad got a mercadies alittle while ago, and he met a guy on a mercadies forum that has a huge yard full of perfectly good mercadies and other random cars including a few old firebirds, old camaros, old ford/chevy trucks and other random things.
So this guy got a letter from the state saying that he cant have all these cars and that he needs to get rid of them all or they will fine him each day that he hasent cleaned it all up. So the guy puts a post on one of the forums saying that he needs help moving all his cars and taking them apart so he can save the good parts, selling them, and takin them to the crusher. So we go down to help him (and he only lives about 30 mins away from us), and while were looking around at all the cars hes got, we find an International Travelall just sitting there.
so after awhile of working with him, we talked about the car and what he wanted for it. he really diddent want to scrap it at all, so he wanted to sell it to someone. After alittle bit of talking, we settled on a price. $600. scrap price. We worked out a deal that ill give him an $80 deposit right there and ill just make payments allong the way. he has his own tow truck, so that saves me like 100 bucks, and he said all it pretty much needs is new tires and a starter.

bbs rs, and lowes
Question... why did you take pictures of a camera screen...

This makes no cents.
that actually looks in pretty good condition considering. i was expecting a pile of rust lol.

Also yeah, car is probably rotten through underneath :X
nope, It's pretty solid. smile2.gif and i diddent have adapter for my camera card.
haha sick, a guy down the street has one of these
i will have better pictures, maby not soon, but in alittle while depending on when i have time to go back down there for a bit or when he drops it off at my house. but its a totally complete car and hes gonna give me some random parts and stuff along with it.
The plan for now is to just get it home, clean the carbs out, get a new starter and tires, repaint roof white, and drive it around.

future plans: SLAMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
get some wide ass steelies and white walls and airbags.

EDIT: just get air bags, you already got steelies and white walls
yeah, bags would be cool, but expencive....
needs moar surf style toung.gif
im too impatient for this... lol
The beast is here. Took awhile, but it's here. Bad thing is that the window has been down for about 10 years, so there's ants, mold, bacteria, etc... Sucks but I'll get over it. Cameras broken, but I'll get some pics soon. I put a battery in, and all the electrical works except one tail light due to a broken bulb. We should be getting it running soon.... Hopefully.
i love the look of it they look so badass.

i cant help but think of this

when i see its a wagon, its called a travel-all and its green in that link haha
haha, well, the "wood inlay" or whatever its called, is like wall paper, and i took it to the car wash on the way home, and i had thought i washed all the white off, untill i got home and it was all white again. so, im debating on weather to take the vinal off and just paint that part white, or to wax and polish it, so it will stay looking like fake wood stickers..
You're really gonna have to strip it bare and start over if you want to keep the "wood" panneling. All it ever was was a really thin veneer and after the varnish deteriorated it basically started to rot :I

Also, you're probably gonna need to replace the interior. If not, Just take it out as soon as you can and get it cleaned chemically xd.gif
Id say leave it as if, except get some wider tires, maybe soem white walls.
I'm sure they make some kind of replacement wood vinyl or something. Or you could just buy a big sheet and cut it yourself.

Woop crazy vehicle dood. There's probably a specialist who can redo the wood. Like they have for vinyl roofs.
Thanks, I'm just gonna Paint that little part and the roof later on.

wow that is pretty daamn cool
Interior shots:

Double post for V8
These were taken before cleaning.

Wow what a mess lmao but should be nice when cleaned up
Haha, yeah, it's pretty nasty. I should be getting those seats out and I'll be soaking them in bleach and other chemicals for a very long time.
Got the breather powdercoated

Dude epic
Thanks man, I forgot to post these pics

All the documentation is there. All repairs, all part purchases, manual, certificate of purchase, everything. It's amazing.

You can also see a little more pics on my Facebook.
And i though my Jetta had some history as a dealer show car back in 83 and modeled as a 84 witch is just confusing you have the original certificate and everything else under the sun that's pretty epic I'm very interested in seeing where this is going
Thats cool that it was a show car. International use to debadge old models, back in the 60's, and rebadged them as newer models. but then some time in 1970, they got busted, and they stopped.
Was gonna post these, but the site was down, and i forgot to do it later.

took some pics of it in the rain so you can see what i mean by the "wet wood effect".

Also got it registerd. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it city inspectors.
Well, took the carburator off, and its fairly clean, and in pretty good shape. Ill be rebuilding it soon, but a rebuild kit is like 50 bucks.. So ill have to wait till valentines day in over, so ill have some more pennys.
Update on the Travelall-
Its now for sale- $1500.
I hate to see it go, but I don't have the time or budget to get it running and driving any time soon, PLUS I have something else in mind that the money I get from this will fund..

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