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Full Version: No more Evo?
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Some of you may have heard the news that Mitsubishi wanted to stop making the Evo because they wanted a more environmentally friendly image. The backlash received made them decide to keep the name around and continue to make the Evo X for a few more years. They stated, however, that the next evo would be drastically different then any other Evo in the past and would be a "green" car.

I think they already have something in mind:

Its a turbo diesel.

Do you guys think that this is a concept of the next Evo?
big trick daddy andy
thats a truck, and i belive it is alredy racing in the dakar
Its a lancer sportback concept riding high. the Mitsubishi SUVs look different. It also says lancer right in the video.
Wow why do i have a feeling there trying to wipe VW out of the Dakar witch is not going to happen there Diesel engine is not as well develop like VW motor

big trick daddy andy
vw vs mitsu argument for no valid reasons in 3...2...1...
video was uploaded in 2008. a 2008 video showing a concept for 2011? i think not lol it was built, used and raced in 2008 why go backwards with design.

for instance. meant to be a touareg

does it look like one? sure doesnt lol
i can see whats going to happen already...







And the cycle starts again
Sir Marko Polo
Those are some nice math equations, bro.
i thought so
QUOTE (pinkie @ May 6 2011, 12:23 PM) *
video was uploaded in 2008. a 2008 video showing a concept for 2011? i think not

Companies come up with concepts way before the production versions are finalized. it's entirely possible that a concept developed in 2008 could be put into production for 2012 or even later...

And this article says that the evo could turn towards even more of a "green" car than a turbo diesel. They might be turning the evo name towards a compact hybrid.
I think they will be more likely to cater to customers at this point. Thats who will be buying it after all. And I think the Evo name is more fitting to a turbo diesel. It could vary well be a turbo diesel hybrid though. Electric motors to help with lag at launch? Would allow them to slap on a bigger turbo because they wouldn't have to worry about lag. Sounds like a great idea to me.
Hybrids are taking over the world! We must retaliate!
Diesel motors aren't even more green if you use them on short stop and go city journeys. Before they get to the optimal running temperature they burn more fuel than a petrol engine will.
SOLUTION: Buy used Evos until they make it again.
big trick daddy andy
that wont help
almost every engine manufacturer is going to make slow gay cars :/
Gay cars? Since all cars are girls, that means they're lesbians.... And lesbians are sexy.... So all these manufacturers are going to make sexy cars now?! I can't wait! toothygrin.gif
big trick daddy andy
you just pulled a bryce, bryce
My face looks weird in that picture. The photographer is sexy though. Also, that's going to outlive my time on PCA.... xd.gif
big trick daddy andy
4chan there you go
wow, there is going to be world war 4 when dis car gets outa jail
QUOTE (Mkid @ May 6 2011, 03:48 PM) *


i lol'd
wow, OP(hotographer) is a fag

I actually think a EV performance car would be nice...too bad we don't have the infrastructure yet.

Oil won't last forever, we need to make some changes before it's too late.
big trick daddy andy
QUOTE (Madset. @ May 6 2011, 06:47 PM) *
wow, there is going to be world war 4 when dis car gets outa jail


Mitsubishi took their name to literal

wikipedia says tenth gen Evo's production is 2007-2013... Thinking ahead ...
I work at Mitsubishi Denmark, and we got a email from japan, saying there considering doing a hybrid evo, featuring a 120 HP electric engine for normal driving, and a 360 hp engine that can combine with the 120 hp engine, for flooring it, witch gives it 480 hp.. no pictures yet.. but it do indeed sounds awesome.
Did they mention if it was Diesel or not?
I doubt it's gonna be a Diesel, it will probably be a petrol thing.
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