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Full Version: The New Beetle
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VW is remaking the VW Beetle.
The Volkswagen Beetle Rides Again
And lmao, Hitler used the original.
M.I.V. Design.
And lmao, Hitler used the original.

Whats so funny about that?
Thx to Adolf we have VW ...
well ppl love the beetle, i just thought it was funny cause it tells us that everyone realy does love the old beetle

oh and thx to VW u have a car
M.I.V. Design.
no, it is thanks to my paycheck ...
Helmasaur King
Very cool, it is an interesting car, I like it, it looks really cool
QUOTE (Dj-san @ Apr 18 2011, 03:34 PM) *
And lmao, Hitler used the original.

what does have to do with the new beetle, and imo not even worth bringing up

anyways I don't know what I think of the new beetle :/
needs more oldschool shape
wish they just chopped the chassis from a 911 porsche I want rear engine like the old ones
The styling is meh, it looks like they've tried to masculinate it but it's gone terribly wrong. Saying that, the beetle's just been going downhill since they brought it back tbh.
QUOTE (Dj-san @ Apr 19 2011, 01:23 AM) *
oh and thx to VW u have a car

You're an idiot.

If VW never existed, he could've bought a different type of car you know?
umad. calm down dudes
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