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Full Version: 10 most collectible jap cars of the future
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Well, it's outdated, but hey, it's pretty interesting...

Ten future Japanese cars;

And some more picks;
Hmm, from there, I could see the MX5, Camry/Avalon and CRX being collectible, but I don't know for the Suburban and the Taurus (SHO exempt) and why would someone collect Priuses? (Ok...maybe first-gen...still tho..)
10 most annoying people who make threads like this

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y so hater brah?

isn't this supposed to be off topic?

i think little stuff like this is cool, reguardless of how trivial
kidding lols, but srsly

i kinda agree, i can see the prius because it's more or less the gateway vehicle to the hybrid generation. kinda how early ford coupes and sedans (like 32's) are collectable as f**k, since they kicked off the whole hot rodding craze and everything. same with the bel air, GTO, etc.
Any original all stock Jap car from 80s-early90s because some cars are getting harder to find like a stock mr2 or 86
Well apparently they are going to stop making Evos. So I see those becoming a collector item.
OK, here's my top 10...

10. Anything that rust mostly ate-Old Japanese cars till the late 80's weren't known for rustproofing, so most of them have rusted to oblivion by now. Which makes the survivors very rare and valuable.
9. All vehicles based on Civic platforms (Civic, Integra, CRX, CRX Del Sol) They spawned a new era for hot-rodded imports; in other words, they are the 30s Fords of the Fast&Furious generation. Yes, they were produced in the millions, but so were Model T/Model A Fords and 50's Chevrolets.
8. Nissan 240SX People will probably just stuff Silvia engines in them, but the 240SX was one of Nissan's last compact RWD coupes to be sold in America.
7. Nissan Skyline (all models) Once the 25-year mark passes, people will be snatching them up quickly-and not just GT-Rs.
6. Acura NSX It's not the most valuable Japanese supercar currently, but with less than 10,000 units ever imported and showing the world that Japan can build a excellent supercar, their values are bound to rise.
5. Mazda Miata The Miata attracted everyone to the local Mazda dealership-it was cute, it was easy to work on, it was reliable, it had power (for its class) and it was cheap.

OK....that's all for now...need to get some things done....
1.- nissan 240sx s13 kouki
2.- nissan 240sx s13 chuki
3.- nissan 240sx s14 kouki
4.- nissan silvia s13 zenki
5.- nissan silvia s13
6.- nissan silvia s110
7.- nissan silvia s14 zenki
8.- nissan silvia s15
9.- nissan skyline r32 gts-t
10.- nissan skyline r34 gts-t
heres mine:
1: nissan skyline 2000gt
2: nissan skyline c210
3: nissan skyline c110
4: nissan cima y32
5: nissan nissanisan l25
1 nissan s15

2 honda crx

3 holden commodore walkinshore v8

4 none
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