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Full Version: Air ride
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long time no speak...

im hopefully gunna have and very well paying part-time job soon and it will allow me to buy my first car. im planning to get a Mk3 golf and do the common slammed BBS stretched thing (maybe something different if i can up with something). the plan was to get coilovers, and lower it 70mm, but the college that i go to has very gay speed bumps that stop you going to low, theres still some people that do it and they scrape like hell! so i was thinking air ride. but heres the problem i dont know what i need to make it work.

the most i know is that you swap springs and dampers for air bags, put and air line to a compress and then open and close a valve to change the height. thats pretty much all i know.

heres my questions:

1. is there a simple kit for a mk3 golf that i can just bolt on? (link?)
2. how hard would it be to install?
3. is it worth the money and trouble to get low?
4. which is better coilovers or air ride?
5. is there a site which explains how air ride works
6. should i do it on my first car?
7. what would it do to my insurance?

i have looked at all these things on the internet and its very confusing, so im asking you guys.

please try and be helpful and not say im and idiot, its better to research about it first and then decide instead of jumping in the deep end.

depends where you are based whether you get a decent bolt on kit.

1) Bagyard do bolt on kits, as well as rayvern hydraulics
2) They are designed to be pretty much a straight swap, with lines and compressor routed to the boot/trunk. If you are near a dealer, they should be able to install it on site for you. 3)They are comanding a good 2-4k gbp forthe full kit. if its only a first car, probably not worth it, just get some lowering springs and a sump guard, thats what i'm doing with my fiesta.
4)Depends on whether you want your car to handle well, bags will create a soft and comfortable, but washy ride, whereas coils will have a much stiffer, but more predictable behaviour
5)google rayvern, they have a pretty in-depth explanation
6) refer to point 3
7) no idea, possibly raise it on the basis of more desirability
thanks for the fast reply, that does make sense and i think the coils will do the same job, sort of, lowering wise anyway.

thanks curtis
you will have to stop and raise the coils manually by hand, rather than using a switch.
Just keep it high enough for college or whatever until holidays, then lower it by hand, it won't cost as much and it'd probably be better.
sounds like a plan. just fingerscrossed for this job now. 5.93 an hour for first 8 weeks then it goes to 6.93 its about 500 a month plus my ema i get so hopefully i do get this job
M.I.V. Design.
here are my answers:

1. Airride will be build on coil over sets
2. not so hard the only thing you need to figure out is the capacity of your tanks and pumps
3. yes
4. both are good, but it depends on what you are planning to do with the car, total rebuild= air ride daily driven, no rebuild= coilovers
5. pm me
6. no
7. depends on if it's legal in your country
bags are for your groceries.
M.I.V. Design.
bags are for ballers

Yay for html codes =/
QUOTE (duncan @ Jan 29 2011, 01:14 PM) *
bags are for your groceries.


if i alredy have the mk3, congrats.
it will be definitly easier to go with a local autopart shop
and if u do airride tucks wheels like a hustler

that vid miv <3
They do make electronically adjustable coilovers just so you know. Bilstein and Tien make them for sure. Don't expect them to be cheap tho. about $3000usd+

You'll probably spend as much on the suspension as the car.

I'd say wait till you get the car, when you get it, join some model specific forums and ask on there.
Man the fuck up, Static drop or fuck off.
if there was a like button xd.gif

seriously, on a newer car, bags need to be seriously considered if you don't want to f**k up your bumper and/or sump, but on an old s**tter like mine, theres no point protecting the bodywork
Nothing comes without a price.

When your car is up on stilts to remove the coils, invest in a bash plate and a sump guard, then in go the coils, and enjoy being f**king badass.

If got wanted us to pussy-foot our cars around, he wouldn't've invented potholes.

Now go!
currently trying to work out where to find a risk of grounding roadsign, for a fun, and stolen, for more badass sump guard ^_^
I desperately want to steal one of these signs and put it in my room...

I know where to find them too O_O
you only last 30 seconds then?

(or banging an ugly chick :U)
think i'll do coils for abit then as i get more mods and money maybe static slam?

that video was awesome watched it like 5 times! thanks for sharing
coils are a static slam facepalm.gif

you can alter them when parked and jacked up, but not when rolling, hence static.
M.I.V. Design.
KW HLS static "airride" wink.gif
i love Air ride so much toothygrin.gif
d2 just came out with a performance bolton air bag kit,

plug n play styles
static drop or die
no need to sit slammed, just low enough to get nice and close to them bumpies
or, like ed said, invest in a skid plate and eat motherf**king asphault
and draw a mouth on the skid plate
how do they work
M.I.V. Design.
2 poles that attract each other
my poles attracted to your pole of u get whut im sayin yo
wtf does this have to do with air ride suspensions
M.I.V. Design.
I've heard about those. That doesn't actually change the ride height though. Just the damping.
M.I.V. Design.
yea, but someone asked about magnets, so ...
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