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Full Version: It's a long shot
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As some of you may or may not be aware, I not long ago bought a 1990 Ford Fiesta LX. Well, I'm selling it, and if anyone here is interested please let me know on Facebook, ask for my phone number/msn there. Here's some info/photos about the car and the sale. Please read

It's a 1.1l engine with a carburettor, it's important you should know this car DOES NOT CURRENTLY RUN, and it does require a new engine, I have seen engines the same as the one in this sell on eBay for varying prices, but usually between 60-100, I saw one example go with a gearbox for 75. So not a lot of money involved in fixing this, the interior is mint and original, and the bodywork is largely rust free, apart from some on the rear arches, but it's nothing major, the sills are still intact. While the problem with the engine is still not definitely known yet we think it's most likely a piston ring failure, in which case, you can buy new piston rings off eBay if you're feeling adventurous and want to fix this car yourself, I wouldn't, personally. Also, although not pictured, this car now has a small spoiler much like this one. Included with the car is 2 sets of front indicators, 1 clear and 1 orange, orange are currently fitted but they can be changed in literally 2 minutes.

All this is yours for 150, or best offer.

Well, as I said, my Facebook's up there. Feel free to ask me any questions

How many times have i said to you mate, if you buy Fred a heart i'll gladly come up and f**king drop it in!
f**king nice of you to f**k off facebook chat then. This car will still be part of our lives, my aim is to sell it to someone on here.

But are you saying, if I bought a new engine, you'd genuinely fit it and buy the car off me?
I may not buy it off you, but if you buy the engine and hire the tools, i can have the engine in, running and st up over a weekend mate - Then, why do you need to sell it? get karl to run it as his around town car to save milage and money on evo fuel, then both cars still get a decent usage every now and then - Then hand the keys 100% to you when you're 17 - Perfect legit plan, look after the car as you have and it'll last you forever
Haha, making me sign back on here.. GLWTS man, I know how much you love this car.. if only I could buy it, but as you know I just got my new'un.. hope it goes to a nice home..

I'm interested. I'll see how much money I get tomorrow then let you know wink.gif
lmfao, somehow the first thing that popped into my head when i read this was Shafz.
^ And why's that? toung.gif

UK PCA start a fund to help Ben, make it a PCA UK project car or something?

if you pay for shipping across the ocean i'll buy it off ya toung.gif
Shipping to Mexico?
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