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well yeah, hello everyone.
that car u see here is my proud and joy, a Nissan 'Silvi' 200sx S14 '94

(thats an old pic when i drove it back, hence that different picture)
ive had an accident on the same day i bought it because i was too dumb to handle a 200+hp (more about that later)-rwd-w/o-esp-bulls**t-vehicle without weights in the back...
nevertheless, i got to drive it for about 2 months now (shes set to sleep now), without any problems, but ive got the boot stuffed with crap lol.

alright now about some details about the car itself
its got about 200hp... when it was stock. that exhaust and a new downpipe came with it. it doesnt fit for that car yet, but next year, im gonna fix that. noone knows, how many hp i actually have atm hence the mods.
Currently she's sitting on 17inch platin something wheels lol with lowering springs. as soon as i will get a job and saved some money, real rims and some proper coils will follow

now to the bad things - i cant floor it, otherwhise the engine acts like its hitting the brake n stuff. but i guess i just have to fill her up with premium fuel (super+) instead of the normal gasoline (super).
and im having problems getting into reverse (its a manual btw). dont know whats wrong here. and now to the major bad part: since the gear-leatherthing came off, smoke is comming from there. Im guessing either the gearbox or just the 5th gear is generally f**ked, and i need new one, or i just need some gearbox-fluid or so lol (but then again, i dont know that much about gearboxes tbh)

anyways, shortly after i got her back, fixed, some douche on a motorcycle drove into my passengerquarterpanel...

im not having that much luck with my s14, but then again, ive had no big luck in my live at all so it doesnt matter really

cant wait to do moar work on it toothygrin.gif
im either thinking about getting a full navan aero ($$$) or getting the lip and paint that bumper (also $$$, but not that much $$$)

------------will post a proof-picture later on, because i am currently in westmont, Il, at timay's over the x-mas break, which is in USA, and not germany lol------------
reneee about time you posted this here! lmao. slammmm eet
f**kin aye
sounds like you might be riding the clutch? i dunno
That's pretty sexy.
geta s14 kouki front end for it toothygrin.gif
Helmasaur King
Very cool, get a volkswagen golf front end for it
go offroad on it
or slam it and add a cool bodykit
i like missmathcing bumper
go get a tune up
the mechanic will know what is going on
im sure there are plenty of good mechanics in ger
lol f**k koukis, seriously
i keep my zenki
andrew - will do as soon as i will get a job and enough money to spend on mods. i have to get her fixed first
mitch - dunno, josiah said something similar...
i think, the best thing is to replace the clutch and the sparkplugs, because i dont know, when theyve got replaced the last time.

thanks everyone for their comments smile2.gif
M.I.V. Design.
the spark plugs are not that a big problem, when 1 goes out you'll know it, you still can replace it...
but if a belt rips, there is a big chance that the valves are broken n stuff, so i would change that first if you don't know when its the last time it was done
what ivan said. wink.gif

also: "i cant floor it, otherwhise the engine acts like its hitting the brake n stuff. but i guess i just have to fill her up with premium fuel (super+) instead of the normal gasoline (super)."

so if you step on the gas, it first stutter, and then the power comes?
i know it is JDM and not Euro, but on my Astra, the thing above occures.
by my car, it is caused of the airflowthingy. that thing can't record correctly how many air there comes in, so it pushes abit more fuel in the engine. and that causes it. wink.gif
it also could be the case on your car.
doesn't harm to look at the whole airintake system, does it?

but nice car, i hope we at PCA can make a Euro meeting sometime. lke to see this S14. wink.gif
with cefiro happens the same as val said
get the air sensor checked
aight, thanks for the advices, appreciate that
i asked josiah, and it may be the maf-sensor, and it appears to be, that the z32 maf-sensor should fit without any problems

i dont know, if its too early too look into mods already (enginebased), but i am looking into getting a GT3076R, to archive my 450hp goal
QUOTE (Mitch. @ Dec 29 2010, 03:09 PM) *
geta s14 kouki front end for it toothygrin.gif

Can't happen dude. The fronts are different, you'd pretty much need to cut a Zenki and Kouki in half and then swap it..
I almost bought one of these... and fom what I remember the conversion is pretty much bolt on... they are the same frame and pretty much same everything. we are talking zenki and kouki S14s here, not s13, rps13 or s15.

even if it was a different model, people swap the front ends of these cars all the time, they make conversion kits for pretty much everything. I'm not sure where you got your info from.
lmao yeah, its just a bolt on
but as i said, not gonna happen, since i love my zenki-frontend too much, because it just looks much nicer to me haha
It's more calm xd.gif
I read some where that the front ends are completely different and can't be swapped.
something in there. it says bolt on, but the lights and all that would be trouble...

but why would you buy a zenki and then swap Kouki, it's stupid.
its cheaper actually

btw a friend of mine challenged me in his dads 2010 2.0tdi vw touran. ive looked up the figures, and hes clearly gonna loose lol, even tho he and his dad say, im gonna loose
especially with that new maf

not here toung.gif
QUOTE (DLuZive @ Jan 1 2011, 04:01 AM) *
It's more calm xd.gif
I read some where that the front ends are completely different and can't be swapped.
something in there. it says bolt on, but the lights and all that would be trouble...

but why would you buy a zenki and then swap Kouki, it's stupid.

Zenkis are much cheaper because they are more common. You could get a Zenki, do the conversion and still save money over a Kouki... at least in the US

And what he meant about the lights in that thread is that if you want to keep the Zenki lights with a Kouki front bumper... The thread is about the front bumper only, not the conversion. There would obviously be gaps in the headlight area because its not the right shape.
get dmax wide body guards for it, would be the shiiz;e
lolll im gonna stay oem, body-wise, if i can source a full navan aero (bumpers + the wing)
or else im gonna get this frontbumper/sideskirt and that rearbumper (should be dmax or some replica thing) plus roofwing.
and i may be repainting it aswell, so it looks like a proper car again. Suggestions? im thinking about either black, creme-white, burgundy or a really dark purple
then i may be getting, as soon as the money is there, KW variant 3 coils, or maybe powered by max coils.
wheels? i have no idea. s**ts f**king expensive and i'd love to rock concave te37 wheels or some meisters/ssr-wheels

//: can anyone tell me, what kit that first one is? i used to know its name, but i forgot it. would be awesome aswell, if theres any replicas of that kit out there, if this kit should be expensive as f**k :/
omg jizz in my pants

u can get a fiberglass replica
althought it will get ripped ay the first scratch

That has a list of pretty much every kit for the Kouki... maybe you'll recognize a name in the list

18x10 have 80mm of dish

get em, would be the flushness
mkid, thats for the kouki, i drive a zenki ^^
but i do remember seeing a list of kouki and zenki-kits, but that was so long ago :/
//: btw, ive also bought some clear cornerlights.
but apparently, they are not on this site anymore, but the pic still exists:

i hope its no scam or so :/
The best thing for him to do is to find a picture of an S14 with fitment that he loves and then find out what that person has. For this kind of car, a few things would matter:

Rim size (height, width and offset)

Tire size

The type of drop they are on (would make the wheels sit in the fender differently and effect camber)

Camber settings

If they are using spacers, if so, what size/type

I recommend joining some forums for the car and looking around for people with fitment that you like and find out what they are running. Sometimes you might find some car articles that will list the information with photos too.

Also, I know you have a Zenki, I posted that to see if you would recognize the name of the kit. lol
cant find it :/ thanks anyways
but i guess, ill take the final konnexion frontbumper + sideskirts and the origin lab rearbumper + roofwing

//: im on stanceworks (not really active tho) and on zilvia
btw zilvia didnt answer me the question, what kit this is on the purple s14
Where did you get that picture from? Can you find the site the picture was from again? Would help...
from zilvia, which was the first place i asked it, but that was like 5 months ago
Found the front bumper toothygrin.gif

GP Sports
G-Sonic Type R

I found it in a Zenki aero database wink.gif
thanks <3 wub.gif
Man some of them kits are Ugly lol

The Silver on looks to be a complete match to the purple
lol yeah, sadly they are :/
soooo im getting the GP Sports G-Sonic Type R frontbumper, and g-four sideskirts, rearbumper and an originlab roofwing (or replica)
but first of all, im fixing her up, which has to wait apparently, because i couldnt source ANY parts here in the us... (well atleast in chicago-area) fml
Yeah, fix it before you do anything else.

Ask anyone with a nicely done car and that is what they will tell you to do. It may be tempting to start getting stuff right away, but your car will never be nice.

One thing you could do is start replacing parts that are already bad with stuff you actually want.
yep, thats what im gonna do, when im back in germany
change the clutch, the plugs, the oil + filter, the belts. i wish i could source a new gasket-head sealing, but i guess thats not gonna happen... BUMMERRRRRRRRRRR sad.gif
and btw, switching to clear cornerlights is actually a fix, because my s14 is still missing one.

and about the maf... i really hope its just the wire which bitches around
QUOTE (Hellrazr @ Jan 6 2011, 01:36 PM) *
Man some of them kits are Ugly lol

some of them kits are a bit to rice!!! some of them look great and fit the car shape. what wrong with that?
i kind of agree

why your car has euro plates in the first 2 pics ??
because i live in germany.
i am just for vacation in westmont (@ timay) smile2.gif
as i said, proofpic lator, as soon as i will be back in germany.
and u only get rice in germany :/
but im sure there are some people who can get some proper kits
You should pixel what you want it to look like
lmao yeah, but thats the problem.
i wanna go both ways, navan and the gp sports/origin-combination :/
do two then lol
no moneys for 2 s14, even tho theres an s14 zenki with engineproblems in italy for 1500 euros lolol
i meant pixels to see which you like better
If you honestly don't have a preference, go with whatever is cheaper and easier to get.
which is probably the mod bodykit one, instead of the oem bodykit. the navan bumpers are so expensive :/
well atleast from that one page ive had, which sells nissan oem and nismo parts, and there was a navan oem frontbumper for 600 bucks
i could get almost a whole aerokit for that, so yeah, i think im gonna do the gp sports origin roofwing-combination.
but to the pixelingpart - i cant do it because i dont have a base on my pc back home, nor internet on my pc to get the base (thats the reason why i wasnt online for years).
but oh well, i might do a pixel tune sooner or later, how i want my s14 to look in the end
flash drive? you can get a small one for like $5 now. you don't need much for pixel cars.

Also, don't expect that GP Sports kit to be cheap, unless you can find a replica. it seems pretty rare and will cost more because it has to be imported.
:[ theres no zenki aero on their site anymore
but the kouki one is around 420 euros (the frontbumper)
the gfour stuff is 468euros for the sideskirts and 507 euros for the rearbumper
ouch :/
hmm ill see what im gonna do as soon as i will have a job
I want your exhaust pipe...
gief me a hks ti then lulz toung.gif
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