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Full Version: wrc rally cars
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im hopefully going to study motorsport next year in bridgwater college in the UK. what i want to know is does anyone know if there is a workshop in the UK which builds rally cars like a production line. if there isnt any is there any rally teams in the uk that anyones aware of. i have searched on the internet but its only coming up with cars for sale.

incase you didnt understand that in short are there any workshops/garages that build rallycars whether its a team or a production line. links and where in the country there are will be really helpful.

cheers guys smile2.gif
There's always Prodrive which is in Banbury IIRC, dunno otherwise, sorry
I thought most rally cars where built buy the manufacturer? I also don't feel there would be a rally car production line because they only need a few cars for there racing purpose not a general population production?

Idk, but maybe i'm completely wrong toung.gif
thanks ben i forgot about prodrive smile2.gif now i got something to work for in college
No worries, are you doing a project or something?
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