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Full Version: Import Alliance Fall Meet
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these are a month old, but I relized I never posted them lol

NOICE mad.gif

OMG sexy as hell <33 best s2k there


HO MY GOD! This is awesome. I'm going to drifty today, so I might make thread. Cool photos thanks for sharing.
I have hundreds more but im to lazy to upload the rest toung.gif
the first s2000 <3
Want moar sentra
sentra is a corolla, I think. bodykit is just like mine
I Mean the black with the grey trunk
oh sorry I didnt get shots of that one mang :/
more starion
Rx 7 is not a car , its too perfect for a car ... It looks just so awsome perfect
The red Teg with the K20Z is Chase Bay's teg with his motor from his crx gasp.gif shifty.gif
lol I heard Miks Borough's(however its spelled) BMW stopped by for a visit but then he left.

and Nick, that suprisingly was the only starion of the morning. more came later but I left mid day. I'll go through my camera's card to see if I have more.

I have plenty of stock rx7 pics gilf lol, but there not exciting as most.
dose miatas
manga tuner
window mounted scoop...interesting smile2.gif
the question is... is it funcitonal? did they cut a hole in their window/use plexiglass?
more miatas para Daniel porgue I said so shifty.gif these are some of my buds, the driver of the white one goes to school with me the other... f**k I know he just drives like a crazy mofooo
sorry guys no sentra or more startion picks

plenty more of the blue one! has a great pac man scheme

qualitiy is bad fyi
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