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Full Version: Bozo Japanese Cars
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I think this is what they are called, it's the only thing I came up with when looking for a word for these cars. Perhaps Japanese hotrods.

There's a lot of cool ones, and a load of funny outrageous ones in the video. The Japanese are crazy, haha.
bro, boso is wikked, but i have no use for all that crazyness, unless it's garuchan only, otherwise i'll stick to my shakotan style

just so you know, this website is awesome for boso style
Love boso cars.
This is the best site to check out mate:

Just follow the back link at the bottom, and there's a load more pages full of goodness. wink.gif
Thanks dudes, I love this thread toung.gif
I like Boso cars.
They are so good. wub.gif
Awesome pics. No wonder I couldn't find many pics, I saw a person call them "bozo" in that video so thats what I was typing in wacko.gif
I love comment on video nizmo bro posted
"fart cannons" xd.gif
QUOTE (uiui @ Oct 16 2010, 02:10 PM) *

looks like hot import nights.

That first vid, uiui posted is pretty funny when they are all parading around, haha.

What movie is that from?
I can just picture some redneck in a beat up truck chasing them with a shotgun yelling "DAMNED RICERS!" as they drive around like maniacs hanging out the windows.
they are called kaido racers, if u use the word boso zuku over there ull be givin hateful looks
QUOTE (nizmo_bro @ Oct 20 2010, 05:09 AM) *
What movie is that from?

The movie is called shakotan boogie.
There is no links for downloading.
Here is the comic version:
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