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Full Version: Interesting/Funny BOV Sounds
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I thought this would make for an interesting thread.

I'll start with the classic duck call:

I know I saw a video once of a rally car who's BOV sounded like a laser firing in an old sci-fi flick.

Anyone have that vid?
It was either a BOV or an exhaust I heard once, and it was as cool as hell.
Woodpecker/ a bird or something? On a bosozoku styled van.
If anyone finds the vid, I will love them forever.

dose (no bov) or pidgeon sounds i guess
I still want my laser-gun bov vid gasp.gif I never found it. lol
M.I.V. Design.
i want one, whats best way to get it?
no whistles on my intake or s**t, da real deal ...
QUOTE (M.I.V. Design. @ Oct 6 2010, 05:22 PM) *
i want one, whats best way to get it?
no whistles on my intake or s**t, da real deal ...

How do you get a blow off valve sound? You need a blow off valve, but you need a turbo for that.

You can buy fake ones for N/A cars, but that's just gay. You can buy them off eBay and most sites really.
HKS super sequential wub.gif I love the way that one sounds on my car, sadly it makes it run rich as hell so I can't install it without a total retune sad.gif
M.I.V. Design.
i haz turbo DUH, and bov, but it makes almost no sound sad.gif
it really depends on the car. do some research in car forums for your car and also check out youtube videos and see what parts they are running to get a certain sound.
think that a Turbo Diesel has also a different sound then a Turbo Petrol. wink.gif
If it's a turbo diesel then no there probably won't be much sound, sorry :/
M.I.V. Design.
shame, need to get a VR6 than
Aftermarket BOV's tend to screw up stuff more then make anything better because the factory ones are already perfectly made for the car. sad.gif The only reason to get a different one is if you completely change the turbo system and need something adjustable or if the stock one breaks or you are afraid it will break... or if you don't care about making your car run worse and just want a loud one.
best one i found, theres lots of ducks out there but this is my fav condom one lol
want that car ^^^

opps, sorry i bumpededed, gasp.gif
Alex (Ghost)
factory bovs are fed back into the system. aftermarkets arent. If anything just dont run a bov, sure you get a s**tload of flutter, but you dont loose all the air in the system toung.gif
Yeah, the loud BOVs that you hear actually aren't good unless your running tons of boost and need to release it quickly lest you risk damaging anything... but most people running turbos aren't running at those kind of pressures anyways so its all show and no go.

wait... I have to spool up again, gimme a sec. lol

The HKS Sequential for my ralliart lets some out and some through i guess because it has the slightly louder-than-stock pshh and also the flutter. lol. so its kind of the worst of both worlds but sounds hella cool.
Alex (Ghost)
true. cars like the Veilside R32 should run a BOV, because of the massive power it makes. Hell even the owner of veilside admitted that the turbos fail pretty quickly.

But if your in a street car which 99% of the time you are, just run the bov back into the intake like it should, or run no BOV at all.

BOV noises make u look wank. besides, 'dose' flutter sounds better toung.gif

btw i HATE the HKS BOV. lol its soo ricer and gay imo.
it looks stupid but sounds nice... at least in my car:

vid quality sucks and excuse the middle eastern men... if thats even what they are. lol

I just hate that you can't hear mine unless you have the windows rolled down and no radio. lol

thats windows up... can't hear crap. lol. You get to see how quick it shifts tho :3
Cooper - its the R31

not funny, but it sounds awesome, and it has alot, not much in thsi vid though

and the start of this:

I dont know which car, dont really remember L2 sounds, mostly PRO
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