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Other people have been doing this. Since we noow have an automotive thread, and i'm bored, i'm going to do one up too.

How I got my honda:
I was 15 and looking forward to getting my license in 6 months and starting to think about looking for a car. One day my dad came home and said there was a car at his work that i could have for $100. It was a red 1993 honda civic 4 door. The reason it was so cheap...the original owner was someone who had been working with my dad for years now and they had recently passed the car on to their daughter as her first car. She didn't get the oil changed and blew the motor in it...So, what I had was basically a shell with a blown motor.

First things first, I needed a motor. At this point I wasn't really planning on doing much to my car, so the motor was almost a direct replacement. The new motor however was imported from japan, out of a jdm civic, it came with twin side draft carburators, but i opted for putting the stock fuel injection system from the old motor on it. Here's the engine right after completing the swap:

Now I had a running machine!
I got my license in June and spent the the summer and next winter driving it like this:

The next spring though, I decided to start adding some modifications.
First came some rims and tires: Enkei DM5 16x7 wrapped in BFgoodrich g-force sport 205/45/16R

I know these tires aren't the best out there, but they were affordable for me at the time and I've been satisfied with them for the most part.

Bolt on engine modifications and clean up came next.
Cleaned engine bay a little and bought k&n filter and aluminum cold air intake.

Replaced the plugs with NGK plugs( i don't remember which ones exactly) and bought some Accel 8mm wires

Did some more cleaning, painted the heat sheild and got a new valve cover and painted it.

Bought a front upper strut bar. The engine bay sat like this for quite a while.

Next I bought the exhaust i have grown to hate, so i won't put a picture of it. It's going away soon anyways.

Paint! It took me about 2 months of my summer to prepare and paint it while working around my work schedule. I also bought an OEM spoiler and did that too.

At this point i had also bought some ugly seat covers and some really ugly tail lights (this was the extent of my ricer stage)
2 days after painting:

A few months later i decided i hated those tail lights and seat covers and did away with them and bought the tail lights i love.

Then i got some subwoofers for $20 a piece from a friend and built my sound system. I love the sound quality of it, and no i don't play it so loud you can hear me coming from a mile away. I use my system for music, not loud noises. But i'm thinking about stepping it down to just 2 subs this summer to lighten it up and bring back some trunk space.

Next 2 things i got, my bumper lips and coil overs and kyb struts.

She now sits like this

Then i finally got my headers which changed the sound of the car quite a bit and actually made it run a bit smoother.


Next i pulled some seats out of a 2003 Honda insight and made up some brackets and mounted them.

Finally, this is where i'm at now...last fall I was offered a b18b1 integra ls motor and transmission for $500. I took action right away and scrapped together the money.

And a brand new aluminum dual core radiator I picked up

Right now, i'm working on figuring out what I'm doing with this engine. I'm planning on building it up for high compression NA and just need to get together some money for it, but college payments are hitting on that pretty hard.
its nice to see a civic thats not so rice out toothygrin.gif

love the color needs to be lowered and the rims suck lol
It's as low as I can go with the roads I have to drive on a daily basis right now. And the rims I got for $200 and can't afford others right now because my main focus is building my engine and getting the swap done.
i would keep these rikms, they look good :/

rest looks nice, but i would have kept the bumper lip black toung.gif but it's my taste smile2.gif
man, i love the lip when it was black.. nice build so far!
Nice build so far!

Since your building the b18 to N/A specs might as well turbo the Dirty D for the hell of it toung.gif

(waits for ppk to come in here and start hatten*
^Hey Kev, go f**k yourself for me wink.gif

yea, I gotta say the lip looked better black... and don't be a pussy and drop that s**t all the way down and remove a collar on each one. Then get spacers and roll the fenders.

I was gonna say I've got a powdercoated D-series valve cover I'm tryin to get rid of right now, but it looks like you have a B goin in it now lol
No wai! I'm updating something.

2 weeks ago, I went to a small meet. It was the first of its kinda in my town, so the turnout wasn't very good. Last week was the second, we had about twice as many cars, but i forgot my camera that week.

I'm going to attempt to do these in order.
-I got a nice Tachometer and installed it on my steering wheel. I couldn't find any pictures of it though, so i'll have to do that later.
-Some high output LED fog lights.

I feel like they piss people off some times.
-Then 2 days ago I made this replacement for my stock deck lid.

I don't have a before pic of this, but the stock one had a center brake light that was sun-damaged pretty bad, and 2 speaker covers.
-Then I finally got around to finishing the switch for the fog lights. ( I had just a mess of wires and a switch hanging from my dash for a few weeks)

Now just a few random shots toothygrin.gif
Earlier today, dropped it another inch, cleaned the insides of my wheels and cleaned up my break calipers.

Machining parts on our manually operated machining mill xd.gif

And...all done for the day
it's looking naice :cool2.gif
dont tell me u own a nova
That looks to be ether a Monte, Cutlass, or GNX(regal) or the Red One lol Witch one?
By the looks of the Tails Light it seems to be a Nova.
the red one? thats a 70,71 nova
The Red car in the pics with the seat is my dad's '72 Nova. 402 Big Block.
The Dark Green one is a '82 Buick Regal with a 350 small block chevy and a few grand nation trim pieces.
Neither are as fast as my camaro cooler.gif
And here comes some Updates super.gif
Started working on getting the engine clean so that I can start bringing in parts and rebuilding this thing to the beast it will be. With the set up I've decided to go with I'll be getting about 11:1 to 11.5:1 compression. I'm going to Have a set of crower 403 cams in the head. I've got to find a top end header and I'll be fabricating my own full exhaust and probably a flowmaster or magnaflow high flow muffler. And much more. Should be fun.

Before and after. Just some industrial de-greaser, foaming de-greaser, and simple green so far.

And here's most of the old parts. Most of them are going to be replaced with new aftermarket parts.
I love when ppl care about their cars , keep improving it and dont crash it smile2.gif
402 bigblock? that a 396 bored out?
Yep. 402 is a 396 Bored.
M.I.V. Design.
i'm a noob if it comes to engineblocks, but that looks damn neat man wink.gif
i beg you , put ITB's on the B18B , the sound'll be heavenly!!
stock ECU or aftermarket management?

(looks naice btw)
ITB's Cost way too much. sad.gif
I would love to have them, but I can't afford them.
Maybe Down the road I will.
Good lad wink.gif

keep us updated.
Actually. After you mentioned that, I've put more thought into the ITB's. They are becoming more and more of a possibility. I can get a OBX ITB set up for about $650. Where Going the other route, getting a good aftermarker intake manifold $300-400 probably, a high flow fuel rail another $100 and other bits and pieces. The cost will come out close to the cost of ITB's.

On another note. Got my rear shocks finally. Already had the rear coilovers but was waiting to install them. Hopefully they'll all be in by the end of the day tomorrow. No more rake toothygrin.gif
u are going to slam the mugen rims right?
slam a cf hood and paint all lips black and i will love u more than i love u now :U
I no want carbon fiber hood. toung.gif
I don't have Mugen rims. Those ish are expensive. I have Enkei rims. I wish I had Mugen RNR's wub.gif those rims are super.gif
Repainting things isn't cheap or quick or fun.
If you can take the Financials, ITB's are the way to go.

little Honda ITB Anecdote...
I went to Zolder ( the track in belgium) the other week , with a friend of my dads who's got a brand new Cayman S with a tech art exhaust.
he took me out for a couple of hotlaps and allof sudden a Ek Civic Absolutley left us for dead on a straight. session over , the guy pulls in , and when he lifted the hood It was epic... ( btw my dad's friend has a International Racing license and a offical VLN drivers certificate so it wasn't his driving)

spec :
1998 JDM B18C-R
Jenvey ITB's
Titanium 4-2-1 exhaust
motec Management
and lots more

The sound : Well... let's just say i still get the spine tingle wink.gif
Hi guys smile2.gif

I haven't fully ordered them yet because I don't know what bore size I'm going to go with. Since I'm going to bore it over a little bit to make sure the cylinder walls are in good shape most likely. I'm thinking about boring it from 81mm to 83mm. It will take the engine from 1.833L to 1.925L
The pistons will make the compression ratio 11.4:1 cool2.gif

Other than that, this update is basically to say that I've pretty much spec'd out almost all the stuff i'm going to do to my engine for the swap. And I'm planning on trying to completely do the swap this summer.

Some of the parts I've spec'd the build for:

Crower Stage 2 Cams.
It will sound kind of like that. But I will have a muffler or 2 to keep it quieter. But that's the general rhythm the engine will have.

Crower Dual valve springs and titanium spring retainers.

Stainless tri-y headers with stepped and tuned pipes.

Full custom 2.5 inch exhaust. most likely with 1 glass pack baffle in the middle and then a performance muffler at the end. maybe a mugen twin loop.

Chip the ECU for a 9.2k Redline eager.gif

and a few more details type stuff.
Jeeze man, your going all out! lol

So all these mods would make your car what? About just as fast as mine?

QUOTE (Mkid @ Jan 8 2011, 06:28 PM) *
Jeeze man, your going all out! lol

So all these mods would make your car what? About just as fast as mine?

Hey Mike you should modify your car too, it'll be faster than Jared's

...and nearly as fast as mine my dad's

This is the first time I've really looked at this thread, I'm glad I did, this is pretty sick. How much have you spent so far, may I ask?
@ Mike
I won't have any turbo lag. toung.gif
I'm hoping to get around 175 wheel HP when it's all said and done.

And my car weighs around 2300 lbs.
Yours weighs what? around 3500 lbs?

I believe that would put mine right around or higher than yours for hp to weight ratio toung.gif

Plus, just a shot in the dark, but mine probably handles better toung.gif

@Ben. Idk, i haven't really kept tabs on my total spendings.
I bought it for $100.
Paint ran me about $700
Rims $200(used)
Tires $450
Lips/spoiler/lights/exterior mods probably around $300
Suspension about $600 in total i would guess

the d15 that's in it now was around $600 Gonna sell that once it's pulled. should be able to get about half or more back
My sound system has about $1000 into it. But i'm planning on selling most of it when I finish my swap.
d series headers $100. those are being sold when the b series goes in.

idk, i would guess i'm somewhere between $4000 and $5000 right now.

wut wut in the but
^ I\'m getting dem tires off the ground next summer when I get new rear tires
Maybe... I do have awd and 18 inch wheels so the handling may or may not be about the same. I want me coilovers! At the moment, there is only one person running coilovers on a ralliart and they aren't really made for it! they are just generic ones that happen to fit, but still not that great, you have to ghetto rig them a bit. :sadface:

Anyways, The real reason I'm not doing too much to my car is because its still under warranty. Right now I'm only getting stuff that won't interfere with that or if I find something for a really good price.
QUOTE ( @ Jan 8 2011, 12:50 PM) *
^ I'm getting dem tires off the ground next summer when I get new rear tires

ooo yea

fixed toung.gif

Mine being like 1100-1200 lbs lighter kinda helps the handling bit toung.gif

And my tires are directional performance street tires. And they've got reinforced sidewalls for less deflection while cornering, which allows for higher force turns.

half of my tires are some cheap falkens and the other half are Yokohama Advans. lol
Swap meets. I love them.


Starting to get together the parts for my swap. cool2.gif
Very nice.
visions a off spring of tein gasp.gif
looking good dawg cool2.gif
Oh, herro.

Got the block back from the machine shop. Bored .5mm over. Also, on top is the old stock piston vs my new ceramic coated p73 b18c piston. 11.5:1 compression toothygrin.gif
s**ts clean. I want to put my d**k in it. Not really. It wouldn't fit.
^ facepalm.gif ^ TMI

sexy block dude cant wait to see it build up and running

those are cute little pistons you have

what do they want to go in when they grow up?
lol, wtf ian
Hes a Honda hater, I know first hand. lol
Finally got it back out of winter storage smile2.gif

Still shiny!

Question for you though. I know there's a whole bunch of noobs doing it and you may not wanna be "conformist" or what have you, but why don't you just boost the damn thing? lol
Alex (Ghost)
because of torque steer lol

looks good man. comming together rather well
I ain't never seen a Civic like that. Awesome dude.

Keep it up.
I'm not boosting it because I'm doing an engine swap. And I'm building the engine for high compression, cams, etc. I should be able to take it over 9k no problem when I'm done. If I were to ever boost it, I would want to do it in a way that would last and actually hold boost. I would have to re sleeve the block, probably replace the whole rotating assembly, hone the head, and get a turbo kit. Basically, if I wanted boost done the way I would like it, it would run me upwards of $4000 or more added to the cost...

By going high compression, I can actually afford to finish the basic build before I get out of college, and I'll still probably be able to outrun a lot of the boosted ones around me, since they all slap ebay kits on stock engines.
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