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so yeah i thought it wasnt fit for the "what you drive thread" because it isnt drivable yet.(well it is but..)
so i thought i would post a thread so i can update the car while i get working on it.
here she blows!
88 Dodge raider(no mopar-ness to this at all.)

eat that dish Ian!

i payed one ipod touch for this xd.png
Is that rust on the steering wheel/dash, or is it mud?
So what do you need/want to do to it? Pretty cool car there.
QUOTE (Jolteon @ Nov 24 2009, 11:52 AM) *
Is that rust on the steering wheel/dash, or is it mud?

looks like mud to me ...

gratz bud...

looks okay, even if i don't particular like many offroad vehicle produced in the 80's aaaand it's more or less a mitsubishi, i read
yea kinda resembles a pajero
anyways, for the price of an ipod touch, i gotta say

i got an idea
hit me on msn when you can
andI thought the Exploder was slow... laugh.gif
Ace biggrin.gif Suits your style perfect mate!
Just get a hoover to the interior lol
kind funky looking
Alex (Ghost)
it has a 2.6 carby yes?

if so... boy you are gonna have some fun
ha ian i dont car bro i isnt for fastness lol
i know mark i thought how could i dive something else?
Yeah this car is bassically a montero and pejero
today i'll take some more pictures of it while im cleaning it.
oh and it needs a head gasket.
and a new skid plate fo sho.
i htink it's almost made of rust lol he took it to the dune with out washing it after, i can tell
yeah alex you got it right.
Alex (Ghost)
haha dude! we have the same engines!!!!!!! wub.gif wub.gif

u have astron series 1 if the rocker cover is flat
u have astron series 2 if the rocker cover has a raised rear end thingy at the back

since the head gasket is gone. good idea to pull the motor out and clean it up thourghly. while ur there u can do an EFI conversion and it will be sweet.

Here is the same engine in paul testas 8sec galant. Psycho s**t

i dont really ave the tools to do that but it would be sweet!
haha and i'll check what kinda vaulve cover i have.


hahaha!! your car is rusty and non drivable!!! we have so much in common!!

ha! duncan.
i dont have that much rust lol and mine is drivable i just dont want to drive it like this because it will blow the engine sad.gif
ohhh ok
Alex (Ghost)
ok. seriously resize ur photos inpaint by 60% man
or i wont be here to help. there just too much for my s**t interent
i'll trry one day
Alex (Ghost)
serious cause i gave up trying to load any of those last photos.
It has the bump at the back Alex

Boog get me a plane ticket and I'll come down and do your head gasket for ya tongue.gif Roof basket would look killer on that! Now jack an aluminum skidplate off of a newer Silverado and you're set wink.gif
mmm. sounds good to me bro!
if i had the funds i would fix it myself.
or fly you down to fix it lol
I would drive down but my only reliable transport is a pair of Fallen Skate shoes... it's a heck of a walk, epecially with tools!
^that's what she said.

you should just come down here and wrap yourself up and be one of my christmas presents wub.gif Then we could road trip in my Z to boog's place and fix his thing.
QUOTE (PurePontiacKid @ Dec 1 2009, 11:50 AM) *
^that's what she said.

you should just come down here and wrap yourself up and be one of my christmas presents wub.gif Then we could road trip in my Z to boog's place and fix his thing.

now thats an idea!
more pictures in my mysapce album.. i dont feel like uploading them to facebook lol.
Alex (Ghost)
ok u have the bump ther back.

S2 astron carbie engine. I dunno if you guys got the mitsu magna over there cause the earkly ones had efi version. its an easy switch
carb to EFI is NEVER an easy switch, especially when it starts out carb'd. lotsa wiring, on top of you have to replace all the rubber fuel line ot high pressure fuel line, and change the fuel pump.

put a Holley on it and be done with it tongue.gif
i need something smog legal lol they dont make any smog legal carbs that fit what i have lol
iv'e looked.
does it do good skidz? lol
is it running yet?
i like them ther cool trucks
it's got a blown headgasket...
im sure iff i roll it odwn a hild and rip my e brake it'll do some sweet skids lol
and update kinda..
i should be getting the correct tools tomorrow to start taking aprt the small piece of aluminum in my engine bay called a motor.
Alex (Ghost)
lol it has LSD?

either way ur gonna roll it
lol you can go straight and pull an e brake lol
so today i took off the hood and skid plates under the motor but not the transfer case and gas tank.
but those dont really need to come off.
i think right now(4:21 am) im gonna go take out my seats..just cause i cant sleep tongue.gif
ah, and i need a new left front cv joint :U
i saw today te rubber is coming off.
so either that or i just only have 3 wheel drive instead of 4 :U
Damn I'd love to have a project like that and clean it up sad.gif
haha i't a blast mark. once you have the room for it get a really cheap project!
so i managed to get the passanger seat out then put it in te trunk.
not tomorow wheni can make more noise i can take the driver seat out then the rest of the center consle out and then finally give the carpet a good cleaning smile.gif
You shouldn't have to drop the tank or the tranny to do a head gasket.... unless you own a Porsche.... or an F1 car or somthing

Wich you don't tongue.gif

Keep it carbed, get it re-jetted, put a 4-2-1 header on it and port and polish the head

BAM! instant power

Oh and the CV boot doesn't affect the drive of the wheel, just protects the CV joint, get some sand in it THEN worry about it comming apart wink.gif
QUOTE (Yoda @ Dec 4 2009, 01:15 PM) *
get some sand in it THEN worry about it comming apart wink.gif

it has sand it it D:
so.... i cant move forward until i get the bolts off the heat shield for the zaust manifold. :U
i guess i'll get some pictures up later.
so far everyting is looking real nice all the parts looks pretty.
the spark plugs looked almost new.
the distributor looks almost new
the oil is fine.
but i guess the only thing i need to check is the head and make sure it isnt warped, but i cant till i get tat danged shield off and i cant because the bolts are stripped.
but i found te only gaskets i need for like $21usd that is for like everything. including the themostat gasket which needs to be replaced.
Heatsheilds are for wussies, take a chisle and a hammer and cut the heads off the strippped bolts.
That's what I told him, but I said cut it off instead... lol
Noodles shuld put a bird catcher on the front wen ur ridin your PAJERO ohmy.gif
its a montero :U
in nz its a pajero mini,or pajero junior smile.gif
that's what she said
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