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Unlike some other internet forums, we will enforce rules with the toughest of consequences. We like to see our forum run as smoothly as possible, so if members aren't willing to help us, we're not willing to help members.

Make sure you read through the entire rules section before making your first post!

(the above was added by addict, sorry for hi-jacking Yoda)


Below are some basic etiquette rules for our members. Basically, BE NICE.
  • Be respectful to others
  • Credit peoples stuff that you've used
  • No flaming, insulting, spamming, or cussing excessively
  • No linking/asking/ANYTHING Warez
  • No advertising Manga/Pixel car sites. This will result in INSTANT suspension and/or banning
  • No pornography
  • If you disagree with staff take your case to a higher level via PM. Admins have final say no matter what
  • No big signatures or avatars. Anything over 300kb is considered large
  • Signatures should NOT stretch the board (keep them 530 pixels or less in width)
  • No multiple accounts - One account per person only
  • If you run into a spam topic DON'T FEED THE SPAMMER!!! just report it.
  • Don't bump (post in) old topics. It annoys the members. As a rule of thumb, don't bump anything on a second page or anything that has gone over 2 weeks with no posts.

(Copied from PCA Rules and guidelines by Brandon and Zany_Jim)
Bump, apparently people don't actualy read these...
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